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Short introduction:
Our detective agency will be useful to the people, who need such services, including free: people search, find people, search missing persons in Ukraine, Russia, CIS. We find out address, phone, white pages, yellow pages.
We have a good investigator and spy, who makes investigation, russian background checks, surveillance. All investigations are made with security by our investigators and detectives. Our finder may help you in cases: crime, fraud, criminal investigations. Other our services: find survivor, heirs (if a heir is alive). We may help you to locate by driver directory and driving directions, road maps. We consider also classified investigations concerning family records, genealogy, background investigations. We cooperate and have connection with other genealogists, private detectives, detective agencies, investigators, spy, telephone companies. They are specialized in tracing and detection of a women in dating agencies, quest, inquiry. We operate with other reference information, concerning relocation of person.

The served regions are
: Belorussia, Kiev, Moscow, St.Peterburg, Minsk, Chernigov, Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Simferopol, Lugansk, Kherson, Cherkassy, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Sumy, Nikolaev, Byelorussian, Kirovograd, Chernovtsy, Zhitomir, Ternopil, Lutsk, Rovno, Ivano-Frankovsk, Uzhgorod. Kyiv, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Zaporizhzhia, Chernivtsi, Chernivtsy, Crimea, Dnipropetrovs'k, Dnipropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Donets'k, Ivano-frankivs'k, Ivano-frankivsk, Ivano-frankovsk, Kharkiv, Khmel'nitskyi, Khmelnitskiy, Khmelnitskyi, Luhzns'k, Luhansk, Luts'k, Luzk, L'viv, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Rivne, Summy, Ternopil, Uzhhorod, Vinnytsya, Zaporizhzhia, Zaporozhzhe, Zhytomyr, Sevastopol', Sevastopol

Terms and Conditions

Before to hire us, you have to read and accept these terms below.

1. An important condition! Any case requires certain time for preparation, checking the data and the reliability of client (usually it takes 3-5 days depending on the complexity of your case). So, if you intend to hire us, then please, make your decision, provide us with the exact data and fulfill your payment in good time.

2. Guarantee. If we are unable to meet our engagements or to find the requested information for some reasons, then we undertake to refund the money to a customer. We always give to our customer as much as possible reliable search results.
In many cases we can fulfill an additional investigation according to special agreement with a client.
. The client realizes and agree, that due to specificity of investigative work a certain risk exists always.
 We can not provide 100% guarantee of success in all cases. On behalf of the client we try to obtain maximum necessary information, so it is unreal to avoid all errors. However we can promise and guarantee to minimize the risk as much as possible (almost to 0%).
 In the case of disclosure on unforeseeable consequences the client undertakes not to blame the investigators about possible destruction of his life, etc. In most such cases the object just needs a convenient reason to stop private/business relationships with the client. Client must clearly understand it.

3. As a rule we do not take cases of search of people, who was missing (unaccounted-for) for more than 3 years ago or the connection was lost more than 15 years ago.

4. We are not engaged in opening of apartments, blackmail and knock out of duties.

5. We do not put bugs on phone, we do not trade in detailed elaboration of the account of subscribers of cellular communication.

6. We do not enter the client in error concerning prospects of the client's affair and we do not forge the results of the investigation.

7.1. We do not accomplish the work without the prepayment of expenses (under the "compensation only for result" scheme).  We provide the client with the final results only with 100% prepayment. Here is the procedure of the settling the accounts:

7.2. If the client has confirmed his consent to start the work and inquired our payment instructions to pay, then our company begins the necessary preparations and the PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION. As the result we are having certain expenses.
The client must make the payment in 2 days term after his consent. If during this period the client wishes to stop investigative actions for any reasons,
then he must notify us about the interrupting and settle the account with us: pay the fee 30% of the total agreed amount.
However if the client violates the Terms and does not pay the fee or even disappears at all, our company reserves the right to ourselves to stop observance of this Terms, Conditions and Privacy policy.
It may influence serious negative consequences for your further developing of this case and all other investigations in the future (placing in the black lists, official lawsuits according the the current legislation, etc). Please, pay special attention to this item.

7.3. If the MAIN INVESTIGATION has already been started, then we had already detached and involved necessary financial and personnel resources for the work performance by that moment. So, if the client wishes to stop the MAIN INVESTIGATION that has already been being in progress and wants to return a part of the pre-paid money, then we can re-fund him the part of prepayment, but not more than 50% without regard to the stage of investigation.

8. We do not work with clients whose purposes are not clear to us or cause doubts.
8.1. If we have felt or found out that the real aim of our customer has criminal origin/roots, then all works will be stopped immediately without any explanation.
By accepting of this Terms the potential customer guarantees us absence any possible criminal motivation/implication.
8.2.  If we have felt or got evidences/proofs that the customer has any mental disease/disorder or unstable psychological state, then all works can be stopped immediately and this contract can be annulled. Besides if during the investigation we have discovered certain intolerable signs of our client's behavior: 

- extravagancy, incontinence, intemperance,
- rudeness,
- speculation,
- pressing,
- blackmail,
- fraud or deception,

then this can be a reliable ground to stop any further works on the case.
By accepting of this Terms the potential customer guarantees us his/her proper, decorous behavior and acceptable mental health and that he/she is a full capable person. 

9. Remember! Before to take concrete business each our potential client passes preliminary check by us concerning safety of his intentions. We reserve the right for us to not answer and to not take business of the client without any explanations.

10. We do not work with clients who do not leave coordinates for a feedback.

11. We do not finish and do not alter the work started by other detective firms and private detectives.

12. If  it will be found out during the investigation, that the client already employed others investigators without notification to us, we reserve the right to stop or significantly detruncate the investigation because of security reasons.

13. After ordering our services (during the investigation and in certain period after the investigation)  do not contact the object and do not try to fulfill any parallel (simultaneous) investigation until our people will have finished with the work. Else it will make any further works impossible. All you have to do during the work is just to wait while our people are collecting the information. Any investigative process is not easy, therefore each thing has big importance. To make any mistakes is not acceptable.

14. After the investigation will have been completed by us and especially during the investigation you should not tell the object (for example, your woman-scammer) about our used methods. Else this object will change her (his) strategy immediately (for example, she will be sending her letter through a different computer). So, it will complicated her identification for us considerably next time and consequently those scammers will make their fraud again and again to obtain benefit. But you and new victims will be lose.

15. As you understand, you must inform the object neither about the investigation nor especially about the methods we apply for the investigations. The object should know neither of our company, nor about this investigation, nor about our methods, nor about your possible discovery.

16. All possible reclamations are accepted by us in the term under 15 days since the receiving the report by the client.

17.1. In order to start we need your payment. To plan our work usually we need your pay not later than 4-5 days before the start date. We do not have any responsibility if the client failed to pay on time. In this case the work can be started later on.
17.2. The agreed price is remaining valid during 3 days term. After that we reserve the right to change the estimation of the work price and duration depending on our further calculated expenses. For example, if a client address us after 1 month again regarding the same case, then the price can be different by 10-20% or even more, duration can be different 2 times, etc. The client must know and accept this term.
17.3 In the case if the client violates the payment rules or refuses to settle the accounts, then all our obligations/liability in this Terms and Conditions will become cancelled by us and we reserve the right to ourselves to act at own discretion.
One of the effects will be impossibility to continue this case.
We earnestly ask clients  to treat seriously with our warning and rely on their prudence.

18. By accepting these terms the client concludes the contract with the Detective-Ukraine company. He/her guarantees proper fulfillment of the agreement's terms.

19. Due to privacy and confidentiality reasons usually we do not discuss any details of clients' cases by phone lines. Please, use our safe-online form in the site, E-mail channels, or welcome to our office.

20. All possible reclamations are accepted by us in the term under 15 days since the receiving the report by the client.

If the client has any problem with his: payment, receiving of regular states, undelivered E-mails, problems with the object of investigation, etc, then the client MUST address us in short term at first to resolve this problem. Not to contact with third parts or persons.  Otherwise it can lead to violation of Privacy policy, information disclosure, etc, and, so stop all further work for his case.

Last modification 12.11.2007


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